Thai Curry Recipe

Thai Curry Recipe

Alright! Let's make some delicious Thai Curry together! 🍛

Step 1: Start by heating up some oil in your pan. When it's nice and warm, toss in that garlic and your jullian cut chicken thighs (about 100g). Watch and wait for the chicken to shift its color a bit.

Step 2: Time to add more flavor! Throw in your French beans, a splash from that fish sauce bottle cap, egg plant pieces, those spicy 2-3 Thai red chilies, baby eggplants, and baby corns. Stir them in nicely!

Step 3: Now, pour in the Thai Curry you have. Smell that? We're getting there!

Step 4: To give our curry a nice, smooth texture, mix some corn flour with water and pour it into our simmering mix. This will make it just the right amount of thick!

Step 5: Almost there! Toss in some fresh basil and give it a gentle mix for about a minute, letting all those flavors meld.

Step 6: You did it! Plate up your masterpiece and serve it with your choice of sticky or regular rice. Time to dig in and ENJOY! 😋
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